YTX4L-BS Chrome Pro Series iGel Battery

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Capacity 3AH
Voltage 12V
Cell(s) 6
Weight (lbs) 3.200000
Chemistry Lead Acid
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Product Description

Chrome Pro iGel batteries are injected with Gel electrolyte and include advanced features such as a digital display and built-in intelligent chip. The display reads the voltage of the battery and alternator while an alarm warns you of low capacity/voltage or abnormalities. The iGel series automatically records the working date when your battery is installed and has a longer cycle service life than SLA batteries. Elements like the tough bridge welding, which helps to absorb vibrations, make this battery the premier choice of Power Sport adventurers. Each Chrome Pro Series YTX4L-BS High Performance Power Sports, Maintenance Free and Fully Charged power sports battery is injected with Gel Electrolytes which allows a completely 'maintenance-free' operation.

    YTX4L-BS Battery Specifications:
    Model: YTX4L-BS
    Dimensions : (H)3.35" x (L)4.45" x (W)2.76"
    Weight: 2.98 lbs.
    CCA: 50
    Volts: 12V
    Amperage: 3 AH
    Polarity: [- +]
    Terminal Type: Nut & Bolt 
    Condition: New

    Chrome Highlights


    A rechargeable battery means that you will have a much lower total cost of ownership as the battery can be recharged inexpensively many times before they need replacing. This battery can be charged more than 1,000 times before needing to be replaced.


    Chrome uses welding technology in order to ensure that the battery case has a strong resistance to shock, vibration, and heat. The material used in our batteries will ensure that your battery will not only last, it will also perform.

    Maintenance Free

    A maintenance free battery comes already sealed and charged. There is no water to check or filling necessary. This, in combination with the valve regulated, sealed construction allows for safe operation in any position and portable device.

    Heavy Duty Terminals

    Our terminals are made of the finest materials, so that they can withstand wear, pressure, and torquing. The terminals on this battery are made of copper. This material is chosen specially for this type of battery in order to perform better and for electrical conductivity.

    Factory Activated

    Our batteries are filled, sealed, & charged, ready for immediate use. Our absorbed glass mat design has spaces between the cells that are replaced by glass fibre mat. These plates are then sealed through ultrasonic metal welding.

    Vibration Resistance

    Our batteries have fiberglass mat separators and high cell compression, which allows an extended battery life, even in the most extreme conditions.

    User Friendly

    One-time installation of our maintenance free and valve regulated batteries will get you power to the last volt.

    Safe & Reliable

    All of our batteries are UL Certified, ISO Quality & Environment, and OHSAS health certified. In addition, we have an independent fortune 500 company who runs frequent tests on our batteries to ensure that you are being given a safe and reliable product.


    UPC 616453672499
    Chemistry Lead Acid
    Voltage 12V
    Capacity 3AH
    Cell(s) 6
    Weight (lbs) 3.200000
    Length 4.45
    Width 2.76
    Height 3.35
    Color Black
    Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 50


    44015, 2077610, 4L-BS, 740-1865, CT4L-BS, CTX4L-BS, ES4LBS, GT4L-BS, GTX4L-BS, M62X4B, PTX4L-BS, YTX4L-BS
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