YB16CL-B High Performance Power Sports Battery

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Capacity 19 Ah
Voltage 12V
Cell(s) N/A
Weight (lbs) 13.000000
Chemistry Lead Acid
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Motorcycles use the oldest and most reliable type of rechargeable battery, the Lead Acid battery. Zipp Battery offers a large inventory of motorcycle batteries to replace your existing battery. AGM Conventional Lead Acid batteries are considered the highest performing battery available on the market today. Each motorcycle battery we sell is constructed with lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technology.

  • AGM separators for superior design
  • Heavy duty terminals
  • Extreme vibration resistance
  • Improved life cycle performance
  • This battery comes dry with an enclosed acid bottle to activate the battery with also new nuts and bolts for installation

All Zipp Battery AGM motorcycle batteries are manufactured with the highest quality materials and rigorously tested to ensure safety, OEM compatibility, effectiveness and optimal performance.


Chemistry Lead Acid
Voltage 12V
Capacity 19 Ah
Cell(s) N/A
Weight (lbs) 13.000000
Length 6.90 in
Width 3.90 in
Height 6.80 in
Color Black
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 260


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