Switch for Towing Breakaway Kits

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This replacement switch Trailer break-away kits/systems are designed to apply the brakes in the event that the trailer becomes disconnected from the tow vehicle's hitch while in motion. What will happen is the breakaway kit will pull a plunger, basically an electrical switch, that will send power via the battery to the brake axles so the trailer won’t be free to run off into the ditch, and it will just slow down the trailer as soon as possible.

Why Should you Have our Break Away Kit Replacement Switch?

  • This type of device is required in most states for safety reasons, our replacement switch makes sure you always meet these requirements

  • Our break-away kit switch offers top protection with a weather/corrosion resistant, heavy-duty polymer case to protect it

  • Easy to connect to your current BAK

  • Meets DOT requirements with a 30 second activation after pin is pulled


Weight (lbs) 1.000000


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