0800-0010 Enersys Cyclon Battery 4V 5.0Ah

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Capacity5.0 Ah
Weight (lbs)1.2500
ChemistryLead Acid
3 or more

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Chrome Battery has a huge inventory of the Enersys Cylcon batteries, also known as 0800-0010 Enersys Cyclon Battery 4V 5.0Ah battery. Enersys Cyclon 0800-0010 battery construction uses a patented, starved electrolyte system, providing numerous advantages including long service life, rugged constructions, extreme temperature performance, fast recharge, high discharger rates and low internal resistance. In addition to the standard cylindrical configurations, 0800-0010 Cyclon cells offer a high degree of flexibility to meet unusual requirements and can be configured in an infinite number of designs to meet your precise voltage and amp hour requirements. We offer the longest life-cycle product on the market.

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ChemistryLead Acid
Weight (lbs)1.2500
Length3.48 in
Width1.74 in
Height3.16 in


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