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iGel Batteries - Injected with Gel electrolyte, this new iGel battery is of superior performance. This new iGel battery is controlled by the built-in intelligent chip. Normally, manual intervention is not required. The function of the battery alarm, mode switch, inspection starting and working date recorded will now be achieved based on the status of the new iGel battery. Press the button to activate the resting chip due to the low volt or capacity. Press the button again to check the volt and the record of working date of your Chrome Pro iGel battery.

Alkaline Batteries - The AA alkaline battery can also be referred to as "double A" or some refers to them as the IEC-LR6 Battery. The AA alkaline battery is one of the standard sizes of alkaline batteries. A AA battery is composed of a single electrochemical cell. The AAA alkaline battery, or "triple-A battery is also a standard size of dry cell battery commonly used in all portable electronic devices. This alkaline battery is sometimes referred to by IEC as"R03", "24", or the "UM 4". AAA batteries are commonly used in small electronic devices, such as TV remote controls, MP3 players and digital cameras. Devices that require the same voltage, but have a higher current draw, are often designed and manufactured to use larger batters such as the AA alkaline battery. AA batteries have about three times the capacity of AAA alkaline batteries.

Lithium Ion Batteries - A lithium-ion battery (sometimes Li-ion battery or LIB) is a member of a family of rechargeable battery types in which lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode during discharge and back when charging. Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as the electrode material, compared to the metallic lithium used in non-rechargeable lithium battery.

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Every Chrome Pro iGel battery exceeds original manufacturer specifications, includes an 18-Month Warranty and a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. All orders placed before 3pm EST receive FREE Same Day Shipping with fast delivery within 2-4 business days.