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  1. Basic Battery Tips!

    Basic Battery Tips!

    When it comes to a battery, we are always looking for ways to make ours last longer. We have compiled a short list of tips and tricks that have helped us do just that! Keep reading to find out what they are. 

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  2. Snowmobile Prep

    Snowmobile Prep

    Winter is finally upon us again. For many of us, this means getting our snowmobiles out of hibernation, and putting them to good use! Prior to taking your snowmobile out for the first ride, there are some things you should check to make sure everything is working properly. Follow our simple 5-Step Guide below to check over your snowmobile!

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  3. Get the Most out of Your Battery

    Get the Most out of Your Battery

    Preventive Care to Extend the Life of your Battery   There is no denying that the winter time can be extremely rough on your batteries. When it comes to prolonging a battery’s life throughout the winter, preventive care is very important. Here at Chrome Battery, we get a lot of questions about how to maintain

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  4. Winter is Approaching: Is Your Battery Ready?

    Winter is Approaching: Is Your Battery Ready?

    With winter quickly approaching we here at Chrome Battery would like to provide a few helpful hints and tips on charging, storing and maintaining your battery during this time. Winter can be very tough on a battery below you will find several useful suggestions about battery care during the winter months from our battery specialists here

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