Our Step-by-Step Guide to Returns

  1. Find your order number. If you cannot locate your order number, please email us at [email protected] with your shipping name, shipping address, reason for return, if you would like a replacement or refund (if under 60 days), and an around about time of purchase. 
  2. If you have found your order number, go to batteryreturns.com. Follow the steps to fill out the return request. If you emailed us, we will assist you in getting the return filed. 
  3. Please wait 24 hours during the week (if filed on a weekend it will be processed once in the office Monday) to hear back from us. Our returns department manually goes through these requests. 
  4. Our returns department will email whatever address is put on the return (please note that Amazon and Walmart give cryptic email addresses. If this is not changed, that email is where the return information will be sent). IF YOU DO NOT SEE AN EMAIL CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER. 
  5. Follow the directions given by the returns department to return the defective item. IF you purchase a discounted label, please allow 24 business hours to receive this label as they are hand-made (they will be sent via email unless otherwise specified). 
  6. Ship the defective item back to us. 
  7. Once we have recieved the defective item back, please allow 24-48 business hours for it to be checked in. 
  8. After the item is checked in, either a replacement will be sent out, or a refund will be issued depending on what your file says.



  • If we were not the seller of the item (if sold by Amazon directly) you will need to reach out to us to get a manufacturer warranty claim filed.**
  • PLEASE do not purchase a discounted return label if you have not filed a return request and been given the link for that specific RMA. 
  • Specify if you would like a replacement or refund (if eligible) right away. If this information is given too late, there is a chance we will not be able stop the replacement/refund.
  • We do NOT offer exchanges. If the wrong item was ordered, it will have to be returned for a refund and the correct item will have to be ordered. 
  • If your replacement needs to be sent to a different address than the item was originally sent to, please make a note of that right away to prevent it from being sent to the wrong address. 
  • We do not provide shipping boxes. 
  • If this item was purchased on Amazon, the shipping name will be the Amazon account name. 
**Manufacturer's warranty does not offer a refund. It only offers a one time replacement within 18 months and the customer is responsible for return shipping.