With winter quickly approaching we here at Chrome Battery would like to provide a few helpful hints and tips on charging, storing and maintaining your battery during this time. Winter can be very tough on a battery below you will find several useful suggestions about battery care during the winter months from our battery specialists here at Chrome Battery.

Winter is tough on batteries for a few reasons: 

  • Chemical reactions producing electricity are slower at lower temperatures
  • Oil thickens causing engines to be harder to turn over which in turn puts a higher demand on current coming from the battery.


Things We Recommend  to Do: 

  • Have Older Batteries Tested( We suggest that of a CCA test which will determine the cold cranking power of the battery)
    • A battery can lose 30 to 50% of its power when the temperature drops below freezing
    • Your local auto parts store like that of AutoZone can test your batteries for you and it is usually free of charge.


  • Visually Inspect the Battery
    • Make sure there are no cracks, leaks, or any other type of damage to the battery. Make sure to also look at your terminals and that they have no corrosion, and also ensure that your battery cables are damage free.


  • Bring your application indoors/garage
    • By bringing in your application it helps keep the power level up on the battery.


  • Use A Battery Charger
    • We recommend using one of our Xtend Chargers as you can leave it hooked up to the battery during the winter months and it will only trickle in power as needed to prevent overcharging.