What to Look for in a Jump Starter

  The weekend is here, the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and you’re ready to take your bike out on a long awaited weekend ride. You go to the garage, sunglasses on, playlist queued and your bike won’t start. Nothing can ruin your weekend plans (to ride) like a dead power sport battery. Well, if you have a portable jump starter you can avoid this situation, or an even worse one – being stranded somewhere other than your garage with a dead battery. There are several jump starters on the market today, so knowing what to look for and choosing the most reliableone can be overwhelming, to say the least. There are a few tips and things you should keep in mind when buying a jump starter for your power sport vehicle:

1. Amperage 

Your jump starter should have a charging current 10% (or more) more of battery capacity than your battery voltage. For example, if your battery has a current charge of 300A, you would want to select a jump starter with at least 330A.

2. Clearly Labeled Polarities on the Jump Starter 

The “plus” and “minus” should be very easy to identify so you don’t ruin your battery by connecting it incorrectly.

3. Added Accessories (especially when traveling) 

Many jump starters now come with additional attachments like phone and USB cords for added convenience. This may seem unnecessary, but if you’re stranded on the side of the road and your battery is also dead you will certainly appreciate being able to both start your bike as well as charge your phone.

4. A compact Case or Bag to Transport and Store the Jump Starter 

You will most likely be taking this with you at some point and you’ll want to keep all of the bits, pieces and accessories together, so be sure to look for a jump starter that comes in a convenient way to take it with you when you need to make it easily transportable.

5. Air Compressor 

This is obviously not crucial for starting your power sport vehicle, but it is definitely an added benefit if you find that your tires need some extra air. Keep these things in mind when looking to purchase a portable jump starter to give yourself peace of mind when you’re out and about this summer. Be sure to check out Chrome Battery’s new Xtend Rescue Elite Jump Starter, which comes complete with an air compressor and phone and USB charging capabilities in a sleek and compact carrying case that makes it easy to take along with you for under $100. We hope you won’t ever find yourself needing a jump starter, but if you do we’ve got your covered! Chrome Pro Battery's Rescue Elite Jump Starter   Have any other necessities you look for in a jump starter? Share them with us below!