Spring is here and for many of us that means getting out and enjoying the weather on our bikes! With the sun comes added risk of accidents and/or injury so here are a few quick tips to keep in mind while you're on the road. - Motorcyclists are harder for other motorists to see on the road so make sure you wear clothing that is easily visible to other drivers as well as making sure all your lights are functioning properly. - Be aware of the blind spots that truck and car drivers have and try to avoid staying in them for any length of time. - Keep in mind that the only thing between you and the road is what you're wearing so protect yourself by wearing a light colored, quality helmet and long sleeves and pants; leather is ideal! - Check weather and road conditions before you head out. - Be sure to have up-to-date motorcycle training; Classes are offered in various places across the country. - Ensure that your bike has been properly maintained and serviced for excellent performance. - Be prepared with tools/accessories that could help in an emergency situation. Some of these accessories include Chrome Battery's Xtend Smart Charger and/or portable jump starters. For these and all of your other battery needs head over to www.chromebattery.com to get ready for the riding season! So, as the weather (and your bike) warms up keep these tips in mind and ride safe! a00064_a