Batteries At Home: Keep Them Charged For Your Protection

  Remembering to purchase or replace batteries for use around the house can make a world of difference when it comes to you and your family’s safety. Non-functioning or outdated batteries have the potential to cause significant harm when they fail to alert families of fires, intruders in the home, or the presence of deadly carbon monoxide levels. Batteries help protect you from both the seen and unseen dangers in your home, and are often the first line of defense against major disasters. Replacing them at regular intervals helps minimize these risks and keeps you safe if something does go wrong.   Battery powered devices, when operating correctly, have the capacity to fully provide your home with power for several days following the event of a natural disaster or emergency. This past winter, storms interrupted the lives of millions when their access to utility and power grids was severed by ice and snow. When power sources go down, a fully charged battery can truly be a life saver. Alkaline batteries have a long life span and can illuminate your home from inside a flashlight, lantern or headlamp. Portable power sources, in the form of sealed lead acid lantern batteries, will also keep you and your family from fumbling around in the dark. Even in the case of extended power outages, you have many options for fuel and electricity-free power.   Uninterrupted power sources are something we take for granted nowadays. Being without electricity can leave homeowners feeling vulnerable and exposed. Thieves and criminals often perceive power outages as an opportunity to take advantage of unguarded homes and businesses; don’t let yours be among them. Yet with or without power in your home, you can still protect your family and belongings from burglars. To secure your property in the event of a robbery, the best offense is a good defense. Flashlights, light timers, and a comprehensive home security system, such as those provided by ADT in your area, are crucial. When evaluating home security systems, make sure to select one that allows for backup battery usage in the instance of a power outage.   Storms don’t have to threaten your sense of safety or your productivity, either. In the instance of an emergency, long-lasting replacement phone batteries or battery-powered phone chargers should be among your bag of tricks. In these situations, it is also possible to use your car’s battery as one big charging station. Invest in a dependable automobile battery or car audio battery, and you will have another place to charge up your electronic devices if you've lost power at home.   Your home’s safety and security is only as strong as the batteries that support it. Purchasing a smoke detector, security system, and backup chargers is only the first step - remembering to keep their batteries charged and active is what gives them the power to protect you and your family in case of an emergency.