Are you interested in being a dealer? Well if the answer is yes then you are in luck we have just launched a bulk and custom drop ship program. Introducing are latest brand and line specifically with Dealers in mind:  



A Little Bit of Background:

Chrome Pro Battery has one of the largest high quality battery selections for power sport applications including Motorcycles, ATVs, Watercrafts, Scooters, and more. Our batteries are dependable, durable and priced lower than most manufacturers in the market. We are proud to offer an exclusive dealer program that allows you to take advantage of these discounted prices on a regular basis. Whether you’re drop shipping or purchasing in bulk, these prices are so affordable your customers will be thanking you. Chrome Pro Battery is located in the heart of America in Westfield, Indiana. Being in the Midwest creates an opportunity for us to offer fast delivery on every drop-ship order anywhere in the United States, including Guam and Puerto Rico. For more than 25 years, Chrome Pro takes pride in consistently exceeding expectations by offering a first-rate dealer experience. From the start, our objective is to provide dealers with reliable, quality products at an affordable price. Our super-star team of representatives guarantees extremely fast response times to dealer inquiries by offering several contact methods. Our goal is to provide an easy and seamless transaction every single time you order. At Chrome Pro, our business is not only selling batteries but also creating lasting relationships by delivering great service, creating effortless transactions, and providing each dealer with an unforgettable buying experience.

Follow the Four Easy Steps

  1.  Contact us and we will create your personalized storefront and pricing.
  2. Purchase your batteries at a discounted price
  3. Choose a shipping destination
  4. SAVE!

Compare Retail Prices

Model:                          Yuasa                            Diehard                            Deka                              Chrome Pro 1 4-BS                              $103.95                           $99.99                                $79.04                                $43.90 12-BS                               $97.98                             $89.99                               $71.39                                  $37.50 9-BS                                 $90.32                            $79.99                                $67.14                                  $36.50 

Real Testimonials:

"San Diego Electric Bike is happy to be a proud Dealer for Chrome. For more than 4years we have purchased hundreds of their quality batteries for happy Electric Bike Customers. I personally use a Chrome Battery in place of a BMW battery for my R1150RT and it has easily lasted more than 3 years so far. We enjoy the low prices, free delivery, and excellent customer service if any problem arises. Chrome, keep up the great work we'll be asking for more SLA batteries soon!" -Pat Winston, San Diego Electric Bike   "Because we are in the parts business I deal with many companies everyday and I would rate Chrome at the top of my list. The prices are very good, they have an excellent warranty, and the service is outstanding. We have found a home with Chrome for all of our battery needs and we recommend them to everyone!" -Will Samaritan, Samaritan Brothers, LLC   For more info, pricing, and account setup please visit us at