Our goal at Chrome Battery is to serve America the best batteries around. We take pride in our excellent customer service. To make things easier on the buyer, we set up a returns/replacement website. RMA stands for return merchandise authorization. This website is how we monitor and keep track of everything coming back into Chrome Battery’s warehouse. We ask that every Chrome Battery customer who wants a refund or a replacement fill out an RMA form. Refunds are only issued to customers within 60 days after order is placed.

In order to complete the RMA sheet, you would need your order number, last name, and emailChromeBattery RMA Submission Portal - Start the RMA Process 2014-12-05 15-53-28 address. If you cannot find your order number, it is always located on the shipping label. You will also receive an email confirming your purchase that includes your order number. If you are having problems with the RMA sheet not finding your order, it could be because of your last name. If this problem occurs, try adding your middle initial. Also, It may be that you need to put a period after your middle initial.ChromeBattery RMA Submission Portal - Specifics about your RMA 2014-12-05 15-54-50

Once you have finished the first page on the RMA sheet, you are asked for the reason of return. When filling this part out please include what is wrong with your battery (I.e. Terminals are on the wrong sides, Battery will not hold a charge after X amount of hours, Battery is leaking acid). Please make sure that you select the correct RMA type: Refund or Replacement. You will receive a four digit RMA number that we ask you to write on the outside of the box for our tracking purposes. It is that simple! Thanks for choosing Chrome Battery!