We’ve all been there, the terrible knot-in-the-stomach feeling when your phone dies and you're unable to charge it immediately. Who knows how long you'll be without it? What if you need to make an emergency phone call? What if someone needMake-dead-battery-nightmares-a-thing-of-the-pasts to reach you? You imagine how many people will be frantic trying to reach you. Then, if you're like us, you turn your phone back on with no missed calls! Either way, we’ve got some tips to avoid that dreaded feeling of being without your phone even for a minute:

Dim the Screen

You may not realize it, but your phone has various brightness levels just like a computer monitor. Most phones also have a power saving mode that automatically adjusts your brightness based on battery life. Otherwise, you can set this manually in your phone’s settings. 100% brightness is pretty bright, you can turn it down and save your pupils.

Switch to Ringtone Notifications

Your phone may currently vibrate when you receive a text, an app notification, etc. in addition to a short ringtone. Try removing the vibrate function as this will drain your battery faster. Again, this is managed by accessing "notifications" through your phone’s settings.

Manage Running Applications

Once you open an app on your phone, it usually stays open until you manually close it. All phones have a “task manager” € of sorts where you can see what apps are currently running and draining power. Froma00075_e here, you can choose what apps to close in order to preserve battery life. In addition, you can download an application that will tell you the various apps that are draining the most energy from your phone. This way, you can pick and choose what to close based on how low your battery life is.

Phone Charging On the Go

Now, there are products that charge your phone on the go. This can consist of a backup battery that you carry around, a mobile power bank, or a phone case with a charger built into it. We carry the newest iPhone 5/5S cases with a battery built in. That means when you charge your phone, you're charging the case too. This way, if you're out and about while your phone is dying, the case with automatically kick in and charge you right back up. Click here to learn more.