How to Charge your Power Sport Battery

Battery charger

Charging your battery properly can be a bit of a task if you are unsure of what exactly to do. When it comes to the charging of your battery, proper charging can help extend the life of your battery, keep it from freezing, and keep it from discharging. So how do you properly charge your battery? Keep reading to find out some useful tips for charging your battery at home!

*Keep in mind charging batteries is a case by case scenario and not all of these facts will apply to every user*

How to Charge your Battery

How do you properly charge your battery?

1.Find out what kind of battery you have

  • Sealed Lead Acid, Absorbed Glass Mat, and iGel batteries can all be charged the conventional way.

2.Find out what kind of charger you will need

  • For the sealed lead acid, absorbed glass mat, and iGel batteries we suggest using a trickle charger to prevent any over charging. This charger will take AC power that is coming out of your wall, and convert it to DC, pumping the power into your battery until it is fully charged.

3.Connecting Chargers To Battery PREFERENCE BASED

  • You do not have to remove the battery from the application it is in if you are able to connect to it. If you are able to connect the charger to the terminals, then you can leave the battery in its placement. We do suggest connecting the positive end first, and then the negative post. HOWEVER, this is all preference based. You can also remove your battery to charge it if you feel more comfortable this way.

4.Charge your battery

  • Attach your cables to the terminals. The order you attach your cables is not important here. Once they are attached, double and triple check that they are hooked on correctly! This is important to be sure that when you turn the charger on, nothing breaks. Be sure that the charging leads are firmly attached to the battery. This will prevent any arcing from happening which can damage the terminals and the leads.
  • Once you have checked that everything is hooked up correctly, plug in and turn on your charger.
  • Monitor your battery to be sure that it is charging.

5.Install your battery

  • At this step your charger will tell you you are all set. Once you see this, unplug your charger. Reinstall your battery into its application, being sure hold-downs are secure. Reattach your positive cable, and after that your negative cable (remember the order!). You should be all set to go at this point!


How Long to Charge your Battery for

There are many factors that go into this

How long you charge your battery for depends on the amperage of your specific battery. As a general rule, you charge your battery for one hour per amp. To find out how long you will charge your battery for, take your amperage and divide it by the number of amps your charger is. For example, if you have a 1 amp charger, you will divide your batteries amperage by 1. That number will then tell you how many hours you should charge your battery for.

EXAMPLE: A 12v6ah battery would need to be charged for 6 hours using a 1 amp charger. The formula we used to get this is: 6ah(amperage)/1=6.

*If you are having a hard time looking for the amperage of your battery, use our website to find your battery and the specs will be listed, where you will see the amperage of your specific battery.*


What is a Good Output for a Battery?

When it comes to a good output for your battery, it is important to understand that although your battery is called a '12 volt' battery, its voltage can vary from about 12.6 volts down to 10 volts when discharging, and when charging, it can rise to 15 or 16 volts. When you are charging your battery, it is important to limit the maximum battery voltage during charging otherwise the battery could be damaged. What does this mean?

The battery voltage should not exceed 13.8 volts for long periods of time and 14.4 volts for short periods (8 hours maximum). 

Tips to Keep in Mind when Charging your Battery:

Be sure your charger is turned off and/or unplugged when connecting the leads to your battery

NEVER try to charge a damaged battery

NEVER charge a frozen battery

Be sure the charger leads are securely attached before turning the charging device on

Always charge in a well-vented area

Do you have any "Go-to" battery charging tips you find necessary to remember? Let us know down below!