How important is it to have the correct battery setup for your car audio system, you ask? VERY! Many people don’t realize the importance of having additional power for a customized audio system in order to get the most out of your system while not draining the battery of your car or sacrificing your other car accessories, i.e., dimmed headlights.

Your car comes equipped with a standard car stereo, and therefore your battery is designed and able to handle just that. If you’re adding a larger, more powerful stereo you can’t expect the battery your car came with to be able to handle that much power and extra output. In addition to the much larger output that your customized stereo draws from the battery, many of you will also want to run your stereo for long periods of time even when your engine is not running; After all, isn’t that one of the reasons you got the stereo in the first place?

So knowing what your stereo’s output is versus what your car’s factory battery can handle is crucial when selecting how much additional battery power you will need to support your sound system. We suggest checking with your stereo installer so you know exactly how much power you need.

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