Basic Battery Tips! 

  • Be mindful of "Parasitic drain". This is when a load is put on a battery with the key off. Most vehicles have clocks, engine management computers, etc. These can drain even a fully charged battery over time.
  • DO NOT let your battery get boiling hot during a charge.
  • DO NOT put off recharging your battery. Avoid letting it discharge any deeper than you have to. 
  • DO NOT undercharge a battery. Overtime, that undercharged portion of the battery will going through sulfating leaving it not reactive. 
  • DO NOT let your battery sit too long between charges. Even as little as 24 hours in hot weather, and several days in cold weather can affect your battery's life. 
  • Always make sure your battery has some sort of energy input when storing it. 



Have any more questions, or looking for anymore battery advice? Be sure to send us an email and let us know! We are always here to help.