Xtend ChargersLook no further for your battery maintainer. Chrome Battery has launched another new brand into it's arsenal with Xtend Battery Chargers! These battery chargers are built to provide the safest and most efficient charge to your battery.

Whether you are reviving a dead battery or trying to maintain your power sport batteries in the off season, our Xtend Chargers will do the job. The reason these chargers are so reliable is that they provide a charge when needed, then stop charging when fully-charged. To protect your battery even more, our Xtend Chargers are equipped with built-in circuit protection to guard against overcharging and reverse polarity.

The Xtend Charger line ranges from our Mini AMP (1 Amp) up to 4 AMP. Those amperage's can provide the perfect amount of charge for your 12 volt SLA or Powersports battery ranging from the 2AH all the way up to 110AH. The red and green indicator lights also make it very easy to determine the state of your battery.

Here are some more reasons for you to choose an Xtend Charger as your next battery maintainer or tender:

  • Designed for safety and to protect against reverse battery hookup, overheat/overcurrent and over-charging of batteries
  • Bring batteries back to life as well as contributes to the health and longevity of your battery
  • For use on 12V battery systems including SLA, AGM and Gel Batteries
  • Automatically switches to float-mode when battery is fully charged to prevent over-charging
  • Creates ease of use with two LED indicator lights. Red for charging – Green for fully charged/float-mode.
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications

Life is short, prolong it with Xtend! To use our Charger Finder, place an order, or ask questions please visit https://www.chromebattery.com/xtend-battery-chargers.html or email us at [email protected].