How to Make your Motorcycle or Scooter Battery Last Longer

Chrome Battery batteries are built to last. However, following these few quick tips can enhance their life giving you a better overall experience! 

Powersport Battery charging

1. Use the Right Battery

This might sound a bit obvious, but using a battery that is not the correct fit for your item can result in a short service life. If you ever need help finding the right battery, just reach out to [email protected] and we can assist you.  

2. Commission Correctly

With conventional batteries, you will have to fill and charge before use. When it comes to commissioning a conventional battery here are some common mistakes:

  • Forcing the electrolytes in instead of letting them flow naturally
  • Not letting the battery stand long enough to absorb the electrolytes (around 2 hours)
  • Not charging prior to installing


3. Charge Correctly 

When charging your battery, it is important to charge it correctly. Charging instructions can be found here: And remember, overcharging can cause the battery to bulge and swell!  

4. Keep your Battery Charged 

It is also important to keep your battery fully charged. This will help prevent any internal damage. You can do this by placing your battery on a trickle charger/maintainer whenever it is not in use. If the battery is not maintained, and drops too low, it can NOT be recovered, so this is a crucial step in your batteries health and life.