1. Check the Battery: It is a given, that when not riding your sled, your battery can completely die causing it to sometimes lose it's life. You should check your battery and make sure it is holding a charge properly prior to the first ride. 
  2. Inspect Wear Bars: This is a quick and easy one, that should be done regularly. This will help in the beginning of the riding season when the snow is a bit lower. 
  3. Check Lights: Checking your lights will ensure other riders can see you in the case that it gets dark. You would hate to be stuck out in the dark with no tail lights. 
  4. Exhaust System Check: The exhaust system is a place where many problems can occur, because of this, it is important to check it prior to the season. Pay special attention to the gaskets. 
  5. Go Over the Sled with a Wrench: This one sounds silly, but a loose bolt or fastener are more common than you think and can cause big problems.