Looking for the car audio power to shake the whole block? BlockShakers power cells are specifically designed for the latest car audio system demands, for anyone from the competition pros to the weekend hobbyists. BlockShakers car audio batteries are made for multiple charges and discharges at a high current allowing for the highest quality audio and a window rattling bass that won’t cause your headlights to dim. When the pressure is on at a competition, you can relax knowing that BlockShakers car audio batteries are the most reliable power cells on the market today. These babies are a sure thing! With a large range of sizes and capacities, from a 12v 18ah (600 watt) to a 12v 110ah (2000 watt), BlockShakers car audio batteries has the boost to meet your secondary power demands. If you want to run with the big dogs, but you need more power to boost your system, simply add more BlockShakers power cells. BlockShakers features Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology. These sealed lead acid cells have the strength to absorb high levels of vibration and can be mounted in any position without leaking, giving you room to get creative. Pop the trunk and show off your BlockShaker. Your competitors, neighbors and granny will know your system is fresh when they see the new BlockShakers logo. With a choice between neon green or sleek black, these are not the kind of batteries you hide and will want to show off! BlockShakers Car Audio Batteries are the show's winner because of:

  • No Spills, No Leaks, No water to check
  • Extreme Vibration Resistance
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Separators for superior design
  • Heavy Duty Terminals
  • Ultra Low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)
  • High Current Discharge/Recharge
  • Multiple Pure Lead Plates
  • Improved Life Cycle Performance
  • Supplied Factory Activated (Filled, Sealed, Charged) for immediate use
  • 18 month Warranty

If you’re in search of the highest quality, most reliable car audio battery product on the market, look no further than BlockShakers power cells. Power to the last beat. For orders or questions, visit https://www.chromebattery.com/blockshakers.html or email at [email protected]