6 Essential Steps to get Your Bike Spring Ready

Follow these Simple Steps to Ensure your First Spring Ride is Perfect!

Spring ready atv

Chrome Battery wants to make sure everyone has a good experience out riding with this warm weather approaching! To do so, following this Spring Checklist is very important. There is nothing that can ruin your day faster than your bike giving out on your on your first springtime adventure. Follow our 9 simple steps to safely and ride your power sports vehicles!

1.) Battery:

Hopefully, your powersports vehicle has been plugged into a trickle charger somewhere relatively warm and dry throughout the winter. If not, you might be in for having to buy a new battery. Chromebattery.com can cover all of your needs in that department! If it has been, check your battery’s levels.

2.) Brakes:

Brakes are very important to your safety, with your front brakes attributing to about 75% of your stopping power. On most bikes, you will be able to see the wear on your brake pads while they are still on your motorcycle. If you see that your brake pads are worn, it is better to replace them now than mid-season. If you do replace the, you should be able to squeeze your brake level without it hitting the handle bar. If it does, then you will need to bleed your brake lines more.

3.) Fluids:

Changing your motorcycles oil is sometimes overlooked until it is an immediate need. Spring is a good time to do it if you can’t seem to remember. You can usually follow the manufacturers manual and be fine. While you are checking your oil, it is important to check your brake fluid level to ensure that it is sitting between high and low.

4.) Tires:

On a motorcycle, the only thing keeping you and the ground apart is your tires. This is why it is so important to check your tires before taking your bike out this spring. To check your tires, get your bike out in the sun on its centre stand. Check your tires for signs of wear. This could show as little bars or bumps in the tire grooves, balding, and cracks in the rubber. Next you will want to inspect your wheels and spokes for any damage. If there is any, we recommend replacing it before riding. Lastly, check that your tire pressure is at an adequate amount.  

5.) Lights and Gauges:

With your battery plugged in, make sure that all of your lights and gauges are functioning properly. If they do not, bulbs are fairly easy to replace.

6.) Chains and Sprockets:

Check your chains for rust, if there is any clean it off. Be sure to oil it after a brief ride so that it is warmed up. While at it, check your sprockets for any damage and to be sure that your chain does not have too much slack.

What other tips do you have to make sure your bike is spring ready? Let us know down below!