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  1. How Do I Return My Battery?

    How Do I Return My Battery?

    How Does A Return Work?

    If you find yourself in the spot of needing to return your battery, the next question is usually how does this work? Before we get into how it works, here are a few warranty facts. We offer an 18 month warranty. During the first 60 days the customer has the option to return for refund or replacement. Past 60 days, the customer is given the option to receive a replacement item. 

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  2. How Does Returning A Battery Work?

    How Does Returning A Battery Work?

    Our Step-by-Step Guide to Returns Find your order number. If you cannot locate your order number, please email us at [email protected] with your shipping name, shipping address, reason for return, if you would like a replacement or refund (if under 60 days), and an around about time of purchase.  If you have found your order

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  3. Chrome Battery's Warranty Policy

    Chrome Battery's Warranty Policy

    Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!   When buying a Chrome Battery product, you are also purchasing more than just a battery… you are purchasing our 18-Month Warranty! Keep reading to find out what exactly is covered in that warranty to make sure you get your money’s worth from our products. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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  4. How are Power Sports Batteries Made?

    How are Power Sports Batteries Made?

    How are Batteries Made? What Makes a ‘Good’ Battery?   We all use batteries. So much so, that we rarely consider what a battery is, or how it is made. What is a power sports battery? How is a power sports battery made? What makes a power sports battery safe? What is the best type

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  5. 6 Essential Steps to get Your Bike Spring Ready

    6 Essential Steps to get Your Bike Spring Ready

    6 Essential Steps to get Your Bike Spring Ready Follow these Simple Steps to Ensure your First Spring Ride is Perfect! Chrome Battery wants to make sure everyone has a good experience out riding with this warm weather approaching! To do so, following this Spring Checklist is very important. There is nothing that can ruin

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  6. The History of the Battery

    The History of the Battery

    History of the Battery The very first battery to be developed appears to have designed in 1800 by Alessandro Volta. Volta was a professor of natural philosophy at the university of Pavia in Italy. Known as the Voltaic Pile, the construction of this apparatus was the first known to produce continuous electricity. The Voltaic Pile

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  7. What Wires to Use Configuring Your Battery System

    What Wires to Use Configuring Your Battery System

    If you are creating your own battery pack using multiple SLA batteries, you already know it’s not as simple as connecting a few batteries. Whether you need a battery pack for a computer back up, solar powered system, wheelchair device, etc. you can find plenty of information from Chrome Battery to aid you in the

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  8. How to Save Your Phone Battery

    How to Save Your Phone Battery

    We’ve all been there, the terrible knot-in-the-stomach feeling when your phone dies and you’re unable to charge it immediately. Who knows how long you’ll be without it? What if you need to make an emergency phone call? What if someone needs to reach you? You imagine how many people will be frantic trying to reach

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  9. Should you freeze your alkaline batteries?

    You may have heard the age old tip that if you freeze your batteries they will last longer. Is it true? Technically yes, but we don’t recommend it. The term Cold Cranking Amps or “CCA” can be found all over our website in regards to our Powersport batteries. This rating tells us the start-up power

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  10. What Does the Model Name of our Batteries Mean?

    It can be confusing when you browse the Chrome Battery website looking for your application’s battery: the models consist of letters, numbers, dashes, etc. So, let’s break down what each of those stands for. The first three letters in the model name are representative of the manufacturing type. Ours are “YTX,” but some other examples

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