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    Frequently Asked Questions What are your hours? Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 PM EST Best way to contact Chrome Battery? The best and most efficient way to reach a member at Chrome Battery is via email. We respond to emails in real time during business hours. You can reach us at [email protected] Where is my order? All orders placed Monday-Friday

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    Finding the Perfect Battery Fit Finding the proper battery for your powersports vehicle can be harder than people think. We highly suggest double checking what battery is in your application before purchasing a new one, as it can often times cut down on mistakes. But, just in case, here are a few general rules to

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  3. How to Properly Dispose of a Battery

    How to Properly Dispose of a Battery

    BATTERY DISPOSAL So that time has come, you finally have to replace your battery. But… what do you do with the old battery? As most of us know, 9 times out of 10 batteries should not be thrown into the normal trash.  Chrome Battery has come up with a broken down list explaining how to

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  4. How do I Charge my Power Sport Battery?

    How do I Charge my Power Sport Battery?

    How to Charge your Power Sport Battery Charging your battery properly can be a bit of a task if you are unsure of what exactly to do. When it comes to the charging of your battery, proper charging can help extend the life of your battery, keep it from freezing, and keep it from discharging.

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  5. Battery Expert Maintenance Tips

    Battery Expert Maintenance Tips

    Maintenance Tips from Chrome Battery CEO- Dale Petruzzi   Get to know Chrome Battery’s CEO, and battery connoisseur, Dale Petruzzi! As we all know, the colder it gets the harder it is to keep a battery going. Dale took some time to outline a couple simple battery maintenance tips to help you get the most

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  6. What to Look for in a Jump Starter

    What to Look for in a Jump Starter

    What to Look for in a Jump Starter   The weekend is here, the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and you’re ready to take your bike out on a long awaited weekend ride. You go to the garage, sunglasses on, playlist queued and your bike won’t start. Nothing can ruin your weekend plans

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  7. Ride Safe! Motorcycle Safety Tips

    Ride Safe! Motorcycle Safety Tips

    Spring is here and for many of us that means getting out and enjoying the weather on our bikes! With the sun comes added risk of accidents and/or injury so here are a few quick tips to keep in mind while you’re on the road. – Motorcyclists are harder for other motorists to see on

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  8. Don't Miss a Beat with Blockshakers Car Audio Batteries!

    Don't Miss a Beat with Blockshakers Car Audio Batteries!

    How important is it to have the correct battery setup for your car audio system, you ask? VERY! Many people don’t realize the importance of having additional power for a customized audio system in order to get the most out of your system while not draining the battery of your car or sacrificing your other

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  9. Chrome Battery Power Banks now in Stock!

    Our Powerbanks are now in stock. We are currently offering 4000mAh and 8000mAh. Our portable battery chargers are constructed with high-quality materials to ensure fast charging of your iPhone, other smartphones, Androids and many tablets extending battery life by delivering the most power possible to your battery. All Chrome Battery Power Bank Chargers are

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  10. Frequently Asked Battery Questions

    Frequently Asked Battery Questions: Q. What does a battery do? Essentially a battery stores chemicals that produce electrons. When the chemicals interact they produce an Electro-chemical reaction that results in the free flow of electrons. This free flow of electrons is the energy produced that supplies power to the device. Q. What is a battery?

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