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  1. Chrome Battery's Warranty Policy

    Chrome Battery's Warranty Policy

    Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!   When buying a Chrome Battery product, you are also purchasing more than just a battery… you are purchasing our 18-Month Warranty! Keep reading to find out what exactly is covered in that warranty to make sure you get your money’s worth from our products. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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  2. Get the Most out of Your Battery

    Get the Most out of Your Battery

    Preventive Care to Extend the Life of your Battery   There is no denying that the winter time can be extremely rough on your batteries. When it comes to prolonging a battery’s life throughout the winter, preventive care is very important. Here at Chrome Battery, we get a lot of questions about how to maintain

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  3. Ride Safe! Motorcycle Safety Tips

    Ride Safe! Motorcycle Safety Tips

    Spring is here and for many of us that means getting out and enjoying the weather on our bikes! With the sun comes added risk of accidents and/or injury so here are a few quick tips to keep in mind while you’re on the road. – Motorcyclists are harder for other motorists to see on

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  4. Don't Miss a Beat with Blockshakers Car Audio Batteries!

    Don't Miss a Beat with Blockshakers Car Audio Batteries!

    How important is it to have the correct battery setup for your car audio system, you ask? VERY! Many people don’t realize the importance of having additional power for a customized audio system in order to get the most out of your system while not draining the battery of your car or sacrificing your other

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  5. Newly Designed Xtend Chargers

    We now have in stock our latest Xtend Chargers. We are now offering a 1amp and 4.2amp smart charger.

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  6. How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Drone

    5 Tips to Help and Prolong the Life of your Drone Battery Flight times with most Hobbyist drones range anywhere from 3 minutes up to 25minutes, depending upon your model. Here are few steps that can be taken to extend your drone’s battery life. Tip 1: Choose a Battery with a higher mAh: Most drones

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  7. What's New Here at Chrome Battery

    We have been working hard here at Chrome Battery to expand our battery line. We thought we would share with our customers what new batteries and products we now have in available and in stock. We now stock 8 different types of Hobby Drone Replacement Batteries, we have also improved and redesigned just in

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  8. We now are carrying Drone Batteries

    We now are carrying Drone Batteries

    We have just started carrying several high capacity drone replacement batteries. Our drone batteries are made from the highest quality cells and have that extra bit of run time that really makes a difference. All of our drone batteries are going to be constructed of Lithium Polymer and have a 18month warranty.   MODELS:

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  9. How to Save Your Phone Battery

    How to Save Your Phone Battery

    We’ve all been there, the terrible knot-in-the-stomach feeling when your phone dies and you’re unable to charge it immediately. Who knows how long you’ll be without it? What if you need to make an emergency phone call? What if someone needs to reach you? You imagine how many people will be frantic trying to reach

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  10. Chrome Battery Photo-shoot

    Chrome Battery Photo-shoot

    You may begin to see more of these advertisements online in this new year. We had a photo-shoot with model Melissa and are proud to present some of our images, let us know what you think. We always enjoy receiving customer photos with their applications and will be posting them on our site too, so

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