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  1. How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Drone

    5 Tips to Help and Prolong the Life of your Drone Battery Flight times with most Hobbyist drones range anywhere from 3 minutes up to 25minutes, depending upon your model. Here are few steps that can be taken to extend your drone’s battery life. Tip 1: Choose a Battery with a higher mAh: Most drones

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  2. The History of the Battery

    The History of the Battery

    History of the Battery The very first battery to be developed appears to have designed in 1800 by Alessandro Volta. Volta was a professor of natural philosophy at the university of Pavia in Italy. Known as the Voltaic Pile, the construction of this apparatus was the first known to produce continuous electricity. The Voltaic Pile

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  3. What's New Here at Chrome Battery

    We have been working hard here at Chrome Battery to expand our battery line. We thought we would share with our customers what new batteries and products we now have in available and in stock. We now stock 8 different types of Hobby Drone Replacement Batteries, we have also improved and redesigned just in

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