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  1. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

    Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

    One thing we don’t always think about when our battery dies is how to dispose of it. Batteries containing lead should be taken to waste-management centers where they can eventually be recycled. Why is this so important? Batteries contain hazardous materials that could endanger our lovely environment. They contain strong corrosive acids that could pollute

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  2. All About the Rescue Elite Jump Starters

    One of Chrome Battery’s top-selling products, the Rescue Elite Jump Starter, may seem overly complicated at first glance. Is it a car battery jump starter? A phone charger? A really big flashlight? It’s actually all of the above and more…check it out: Car Emergency Start One of the coolest features of the Rescue Elite is

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  3. Winter is Approaching: Is Your Battery Ready?

    Winter is Approaching: Is Your Battery Ready?

    With winter quickly approaching we here at Chrome Battery would like to provide a few helpful hints and tips on charging, storing and maintaining your battery during this time. Winter can be very tough on a battery below you will find several useful suggestions about battery care during the winter months from our battery specialists here

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  4. Introducing.... The Chrome Pro Series iPhone Power Pack Case

    Please check out our latest iPhone Charging Accessory Chrome Pro Series Power Pack Plus   To purchase this case or read a little more about our power pack plus iPhone charger click here

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