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  1. The Different Types of Power Sport Batteries

    The Different Types of Power Sport Batteries

    The Different Types of Powersport Batteries

    So it’s that time again, time to replace your battery in your power sports vehicle… but what kind should you choose? Well, that is kind of your call. However, understanding the difference in the different batteries will help you choose the most fitting to your needs. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of power sport batteries we offer!


    What is a Sealed Lead Acid battery? There are different types of SLA batteries, however, the perks of this design are that the batteries are sealed making them virtually maintenance-free, you avoid the risk of leaks, and they have a low self-discharge rate.


    AGM- Absorbent Glass Mat

    Absorbent Glass Mat batteries. We offer a huge selection of sealed AGM batteries and they tend to be a customer favorite. These batteries are constructed with a special glass mat to keep the electrolytes between the lead plates. This allows for a lower resistance within the battery, which then provides a higher discharge. These batteries are close to maintenance-free with them being factory sealed. The one downside to these AGM batteries is they are not able to cycle as many times as a Gel battery can.



    Gel batteries also known as gelled electrolyte or gel cell batteries use a silica type gel to suspend the electrolyte. These batteries can cycle more than an AGM battery, however, they do have a lower discharge (less power). Gel batteries also tend to perform slightly better in higher surrounding temperatures.



    Conventional batteries have flooded electrolytes. These batteries typically come dry, with a bottle of acid on the side that you use to fill your battery. These batteries tend to be cheaper, however, that does come to the price of more maintenance. These batteries need to be carefully maintained. You will have to add distilled water occasionally to prevent the battery from sulfating. Because the water evaporates in this battery, you have to check the fluid level on a regular basis for this kind of battery. Conventional batteries also tend to discharge more rapidly than AGM, as well as can leak if not mounted upright properly.


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  2. 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips

    7 Motorcycle Safety Tips

    It’s motorcycle safety awareness month. We want to take this month to remind everyone of the importance of being sure your bike is road ready, and what steps you can take to ensure that your bike is safe for the road! 


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  3. What is the Battery's Job in a Powersport Vehicle?

    What is the Battery's Job in a Powersport Vehicle?

    What does a battery do for you motorcycle, atv, utv, snowmobile?

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  4. 5 Snowmobile Maintenance Tips

    5 Snowmobile Maintenance Tips

    Nothing is worse than getting your sled out, and realizing that it did not go through proper maintenance a little too late and being stuck out somewhere in the cold. This year, be sure to avoid that happening by following a few simple steps before heading out and hitting the snow.

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  5. Basic Battery Tips!

    Basic Battery Tips!

    When it comes to a battery, we are always looking for ways to make ours last longer. We have compiled a short list of tips and tricks that have helped us do just that! Keep reading to find out what they are. 

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  6. How Do I Return My Battery?

    How Do I Return My Battery?

    How Does A Return Work?

    If you find yourself in the spot of needing to return your battery, the next question is usually how does this work? Before we get into how it works, here are a few warranty facts. We offer an 18 month warranty. During the first 60 days the customer has the option to return for refund or replacement. Past 60 days, the customer is given the option to receive a replacement item. 

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  7. Powersport Battery Life Tips

    Powersport Battery Life Tips

    When it coems to the life of a powersport battery, there are many contributing factors. For example, if you live somehwere with extreme temperatures, this will lead to a shorter battery life. If you are not riding your vehicle often and the battery drains, this will lead to a shorter life. Although there are many factors involved in your battery's life, there are some tips and tricks to ensure you get your money's worth! Keep reading to make sure you are properly taking care of your battery. 

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  8. Best Battery for Motorcycle on the Market

    Best Battery for Motorcycle on the Market

    In the market to get a new powersport battery, and looking for the best thing you can get for your money? Our iGel battery is durable, long lasting, and made to withstand all that comes with riding! Not to mention, it is our easiest battery to use featuring a built in digital display. 

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  9. Snowmobile Prep

    Snowmobile Prep

    Winter is finally upon us again. For many of us, this means getting our snowmobiles out of hibernation, and putting them to good use! Prior to taking your snowmobile out for the first ride, there are some things you should check to make sure everything is working properly. Follow our simple 5-Step Guide below to check over your snowmobile!

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  10. Is Your Battery Dead?

    Is Your Battery Dead?

    Batteries that sit unused for long periods of time (3-4 weeks+) can end up with sulfation built up on the battery plates. Once this happens, they'll begin to experience a downturn in performance and run time. They can also become difficult and even impossible to charge. However, this can all be prevented from happening.

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