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  1. Snowmobile Prep

    Snowmobile Prep

    Winter is finally upon us again. For many of us, this means getting our snowmobiles out of hibernation, and putting them to good use! Prior to taking your snowmobile out for the first ride, there are some things you should check to make sure everything is working properly. Follow our simple 5-Step Guide below to check over your snowmobile!

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  2. Is Your Battery Dead?

    Batteries that sit unused for long periods of time (3-4 weeks+) can end up with sulfation built up on the battery plates. Once this happens, they'll begin to experience a downturn in performance and run time. They can also become difficult and even impossible to charge. However, this can all be prevented from happening.

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    Frequently Asked Questions What are your hours? Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 PM EST Best way to contact Chrome Battery? The best and most efficient way to reach a member at Chrome Battery is via email. We respond to emails in real time during business hours. You can reach us at [email protected] Where is my order? All orders placed Monday-Friday

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    Finding the Perfect Battery Fit Finding the proper battery for your powersports vehicle can be harder than people think. We highly suggest double checking what battery is in your application before purchasing a new one, as it can often times cut down on mistakes. But, just in case, here are a few general rules to

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  5. How Does Returning A Battery Work?

    How Does Returning A Battery Work?

    Our Step-by-Step Guide to Returns Find your order number. If you cannot locate your order number, please email us at [email protected] with your shipping name, shipping address, reason for return, if you would like a replacement or refund (if under 60 days), and an around about time of purchase.  If you have found your order

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  6. How to Properly Dispose of a Battery

    How to Properly Dispose of a Battery

    BATTERY DISPOSAL So that time has come, you finally have to replace your battery. But… what do you do with the old battery? As most of us know, 9 times out of 10 batteries should not be thrown into the normal trash.  Chrome Battery has come up with a broken down list explaining how to

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  7. How to Make you Motorcycle or Scooter Battery last longer

    How to Make you Motorcycle or Scooter Battery last longer

    How to Make your Motorcycle or Scooter Battery Last Longer Chrome Battery batteries are built to last. However, following these few quick tips can enhance their life giving you a better overall experience!  1. Use the Right Battery This might sound a bit obvious, but using a battery that is not the correct fit for your

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  8. Chrome Battery's Warranty Policy

    Chrome Battery's Warranty Policy

    Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!   When buying a Chrome Battery product, you are also purchasing more than just a battery… you are purchasing our 18-Month Warranty! Keep reading to find out what exactly is covered in that warranty to make sure you get your money’s worth from our products. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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  9. How are Power Sports Batteries Made?

    How are Power Sports Batteries Made?

    How are Batteries Made? What Makes a ‘Good’ Battery?   We all use batteries. So much so, that we rarely consider what a battery is, or how it is made. What is a power sports battery? How is a power sports battery made? What makes a power sports battery safe? What is the best type

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  10. 6 Essential Steps to get Your Bike Spring Ready

    6 Essential Steps to get Your Bike Spring Ready

    6 Essential Steps to get Your Bike Spring Ready Follow these Simple Steps to Ensure your First Spring Ride is Perfect! Chrome Battery wants to make sure everyone has a good experience out riding with this warm weather approaching! To do so, following this Spring Checklist is very important. There is nothing that can ruin

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