• Puffed Rice Cereal
  • Plate
  • Wool Cloth
  • Old Record


  • Take the plate and pour the cereal onto it.
  • Take the old record and rub the wool cloth onto one side of the record.
  • Use the rubbed side of the record to attract the cereal!
  • Hold the record over the cereal and slowly move the record closer to the plate.
  • The cereal LEAPS into the air and some of it will even attach itself to the record!!!


The record and wool cloth caused Static Electricity which in turn electrically charges the cereal and becomes attracted to the record!


  • Try different cereals in your home. See if it works for them as well!
  • Try rubbing the record with different items. Does it work?!
  • Now try sugar! Does it work the same as the cereal did?

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