12 Volt 500 mA Battery Charger/Maintainer

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Capacity 5000 mA
Voltage 2V
Cell(s) 1
Weight (lbs) 0.3000
Chemistry Lithium Ion
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Chrome Battery has a great selection of battery Chargers/Maintainers. Our chargers can replace your existing battery charger and bring your battery back to life to keep your battery as fresh as the day you bought it. Our 12V 1000mA charger brings your battery to full charge and then goes into its maintenance stage until the battery is ready for use.

  • Designed for safety and to protect against reverse battery hookup, overheat/overcurrent and over-charging of batteries
  • Fully Automatic: At the end of a regular charger cycle, this charger automatically switches to maintenance mode for a safe, storage, or float level that eliminates the need to constantly check on your battery during charging
  • Perfect for 12V sealed lead acid or flooded lead batteries from 24AH to 42AH 
  • Great for hunting products, power sport applications, or anything with a 12 volt battery 


  • Status Light
  • Alligator Clips with protective color coded covers
  • In line fuse to protect agains shorts
  • Goes into maintenance stage until it's ready for use


Chemistry Lithium Ion
Voltage 2V
Capacity 5000 mA
Cell(s) 1
Weight (lbs) 0.3000
Length 1
Width 2
Height 1
Color Black