Get the Most of Your Battery

Dead batteries are the number one issue for power sport enthusiast in the Spring. In the next few weeks, millions of adrenaline junkies will bring their motorcycles, jet skis and ATVs out for the season, only to find that their batteries are dead. Ugh!!! What a way to ruin a weekend!

Did you know the average life of a power sport battery is one to two years? Being prepared and aware of the signs of needing a new battery can prevent heartache and heartbreak – because if it doesn’t start, you don’t ride.

Here are some obvious signs to look for when your battery needs to be replaced:

1) Corrosion on the terminal(s)
2) Swelling of the battery
3) Slowed cranking power
4) Short cranking time

So once you’ve got your new battery, how do you make it last as long as possible so you can get the most bang for your buck? Here are few tips on how to maintenance your battery to prevent it from failing prematurely:

1) If possible, bring your battery in during the winter months so it’s not out in the cold termperatures
2) During long periods of time that you’re not riding, place the battery on a tender charger to keep it charged
3) Ensure that you are using the correct battery for your application; an incorrect battery may work the first couple of times but will ultimately die if it is not meant for that application.
4) Keep an eye on the battery & charger during charging as to not overcharge the battery

Keeping these tips in mind will help prolong the life of your battery and make riding that much more fun without the worry of your battery dying on you. Head over to Chrome Battery for the best selection and prices on power sport and car audio batteries in the industry! Also check out our Xtend Smart Chargers to keep your battery charged and ready to go!

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