First you need to gather up all of the materials you will need. Below is a list of the following items needed to conduct this experiment:

• A balloon
• A fluorescent light bulb
• A dark room
• Parental supervision

Are you ready? Let’s get started. The first thing you’ll need to do is to take the fluorescent light bulb and the balloon into a dark room. Charge the balloon by rubbing it on your hair or on your sweater. You will need to rub it quickly and repeatedly to build up a lot of charge for this experiment. Very carefully, touch the charged balloon to the light bulb. When doing this, please make sure that you have adult supervision just in case the light bulb happens to break. What happened? You should see some small sparks in the light bulb.
So how did the light bulb spark or light? When the charged balloon touched the bulb, electrons passed from the balloon to the bulb causing the bulb to emit small sparks of light. Under normal circumstances, the light bulb would receive the electrons from the electric power lines through a wire at the end of the tube. Cool, huh?

Here is another idea that you could do to change up the project a little bit and see what happens. You could try a rubber comb for this experiment rather than a balloon. Does it have the same effect on the light bulb?

17 Responses to Light a Bulb with a Balloon Experiment

  1. thanya says:

    can you send me some picture of the experiment light a bulb with a ballloon by using two different kinds of balloons a light ballon and a dark balloon?

  2. malita says:

    will its cause a fire

  3. Anonymous says:

    cool site

  4. hani says:

    what cause light Bulb up

  5. ninnb148473 says:

    Cool, have not tried this one yet! do you guys like it? would you give me some tips….. hope it isn’t EXPLOSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. john says:

    didn’t work pictures would help

  7. charlotte says:

    oh my god i have not tried it does it explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mickens says:

    Maybe it didn’t work because we had a soft white bulb instead of a flourescent bulb. We will try with a flourescent bulb

  9. cheyenne says:

    pics shild hep please send me some becuse it still dident work withe the fluresent lihght bulb

  10. im not lying it does work

  11. Angie Weatherspoon says:

    I been trying to learn for a while now how to light up a balloon i find website all the time with dance floor or balloons arches its very kool. I have a babyshower to do plus a annivsary dont have long but i will try it. Can it be any kind of balloon

  12. gina says:

    You’ll need an LED Light

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