First you need to gather up all of the materials you will need.  Below is a list of the following items needed to conduct this project:

  • 1 battery, size C
  • Some aluminum foil, preferably 4” X 12”
  • 1 light bulb out of a flashlight

Are you ready?  Let’s get started.  First, you will need to fold the aluminum foil a few times so that you end up with a strip about 12” long and about a half inch wide.  Then place the battery on one end of the strip of aluminum foil.  Next hold the metal base of the bulb so that it is touching the other end of the battery.  And finally, have the base of the bulb make contact with the aluminum foil.

What happened?  Did the bulb light up?  It should have.  Can you figure out why?  It’s actually very simple.  The aluminum foil is the conductive path that the battery energy follows to light up the bulb.

There are a couple of other ideas that you could do to change up the project a little bit and see what happens.  You could try a different size battery, stack a couple of batteries together or have the aluminum foil make contact with different things.

6 Responses to Aluminum Lighting

  1. Misty Carriger says:

    I look foward to using your posted projects in my lecture class this Fall semsester at Northeast State Community College. Wonderful work!

  2. Mallory says:


  3. samina says:

    I am doing this for my science fair.but I need more description on this project!!!


    I am doing this project at school fair. But I want visual demonstration

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  6. Yvonne says:

    This is a very good and interesting project/experiment but needs more description.

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